Monday, May 9, 2011

Pinoy Treats

Being born and raised in the Philippines, I grew up learning to eat all kinds of food and delicacies.  But one thing for sure aside from our fresh fruits I love eating Pinoy treats... mga kakanin at pang meryenda.  Being away from home for more than a decade now, I miss eating these kinds of food.  So what better way to resolve this other than paying big bucks to go home and just pig out?  Of course, find out how to make it yourself! Sometimes it is difficult to make it because not all ingredients are readily available here in the U.S.  And sometimes you will have to find substitutes to make it kinda work.  Good thing for internet and people who cares to share the how tos in making Pinoy treats... it makes easy to remember my childhood memories once I take that bite. Yum-o!

Ensaymada! One of my favorite pastries back home. I must admit this one that I made didn't quite made it to what I am expecting.  So I am still in the hunt for that easy to make ensaymada recipe. :)

Turon!  Very easy to make but be very careful about the banana.  The ones you use here are the plantain bananas. So it has to be ripped before being cooked, otherwise it will taste nasty.  Add some jackfruit and a little sugar, wrapped in spring roll wrapper and into a frying pan... Presto! You've got yourself a very yummy snack.  O how I remember those days at work in Manila, every 3 pm "Manang" will be at our food pantry selling this yummy treat.

Puto at Kutsinta!  Another favorite of mine.  When I was growing up these treats usually appear in our dining table when there's a birthday party.  Puto especially is always paired with some noodles for everybody to enjoy.

Suman at mangga!  Sticky rice and mango as what the Thai restaurants here sell.  I would always wait for my mom to come home from the market because she would always bring home some suman for me to snack on.

Puto bumbong!  Now this one is special.  We used to only have this during Christmas time.  Vendor would sell this outside the church, waiting for parishioners to finish hearing the midnight masses during the holidays.  My mom would pre order this from one of the vendor so after mass she will just pick it up and pay for it avoiding the long lines.

Pandesal!  Now this one is never absent from every Pinoy's household every morning.  It's the staple food for breakfast.  You have to get this from the street corner bakery early in the morning to be sure that it's freshly made.

And once you get it on your plate, all you need to have is some butter and coffee.  Dunk that bread in the coffee and enjoy!

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