Monday, May 9, 2011

First round of cakes!

When I learned how to decorate cakes, I have been making one for friends for their birthdays.  When I  started working of design for my friends who had their birthdays in August 2010,  I told them that they were the first batch who will be receiving somewhat a decently decorated cakes from me.  So when their birthdays come again, I will be stopping making cakes for free! :D

This cake was actually for my friend's dog's birthday.  She celebrates her dog's birthday more than hers!

This cake I intended to make for one of the celebrants that day, but his wife wanted also to give him a surprise birthday cake. So what ended up was I made this and put their name on it. She did give me ten bucks for it... I know, this cake was worth way more than that but I didn't have the guts yet to ask somebody to pay for my cakes at that time.  This was strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting.

Now, this cake I am truly proud of!  Only done 2 other cakes before this but I wanted to really push myself and see if I can really decorate. Hehe!  As you can see there are flaws as this is one of the first cakes I did but getting that small details was quite an achievement for me. More importantly, the person who received it was quite happy with it and he didn't want it to be eaten. :)

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