Monday, May 9, 2011

Experiment Cakes!

Being new to cake decorating I had so many things that I wanted to try.  So every chance that I can get to make a cake I grab it!! Here are a few of my "testing" cakes that ended up on some of my friends laps. haha!

Gave this to my friend's mom who celebrated her birthday.

I gave this cake to a couple who celebrated their wedding anniversary at the time.

This cake I purposely made for a friend in MN.  This cake travelled with us 9 hours on the road! But of course, I put it all together when we got to their house.  It was a surprise for her.  Honestly, I didn't like how the decors on wire turned out! :(

Another birthday cake for a friend who was training to run a marathon at the time of her birthday.  My first attempt at making rose ribbons.

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