Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cake Figures

In the cake decorating world that I am trying to get into more, they say that being able to make your own cake figure is a must to be a really good cake decorator.  To be able to create figures as specified by your customers and make it more personalized.  I grew up getting cakes from known bakeshops in the Philippines where you get a plastic cake decors that you can keep as a remembrance or maybe play with. Up to now you can still get those and ask from your local bakeshop to provide such on your cake.  You can pick what you like depending on the theme of your cake.  It is somewhat customized but you definitely know that somebody else would probably be ordering the same decors for their cake.  So, with cake decorators who are able to make figures for your cake you will be able to really customize what you like. From a wedding cake where you would like the figures to really look like the bride and the groom or from a simple cake with a flower on it.  You are sure that the cake was really made super special just for you.

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