Monday, May 9, 2011

Other birthday cakes.... not fondant.

Here are the other birthday cakes I did for friends that are not decorated with fondant.

December 2008 birthday cake for three celebrants, Jeremy, Jason, and Jay.

First cake I did for Rae.  Friends called it a "parole" (lantern).

This is a tiramisu cake for James.

A petite cake for my goddaughter who visited us during Jake's 3rd birthday party. Her birthday was a week after so I surprised her with a small cake and gifts.

This one is a banana chocolate cake with ganache icing and white chocolate "happy birthday".

Second cake for Rae. He was having a rockstar party that year and they were so into rockband at that time.

Petite cake for Daun. Marble with whipped icing.

As you can tell, this was a poker theme cakes.  For Leah, Weng, and Mark.

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