Friday, April 22, 2011

Louis Vuitton Choconilla Cake

A Louis Vuitton inspired bag cake I made for my sister who celebrated her birthday with us for the first time in US.  It was also her first time to the states and our reunion after 7 long years.  I had to make her cake extra special of course.

Cake was layers of alternating chocolate and vanilla cakes, thus my son named it Choconilla Cake. :)  With chocolate ganache in between layers and crumb coated with vanilla buttercream then covered and decorated with marshmallow fondant. 

It took me several hours to make the cake but I didn't mind the long hours as I had fun making it. I didn't even notice one night while I was making it that it was already 3 am, and I had to wake up by 6 am for work.  It was all worth it. :)

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