Tuesday, April 5, 2011

January 2011 Cakes

2011... Five cakes to start the new year... Five birthday cakes for friends. 

This is my attempt at a beyblade cake for Rae. This was the second cake because the first that I did just crumbled apart the morning after I did it. Luckily I had spare cakes that I was able to pull this one quickly.  I am not too happy how this turned out because I wanted to add more details to it and make it more real.  

Anyway, this is a flame libra beyblade and the face I did hand painted with icing gel colors.

Cake was chocolate cake with buttercream icing. 

A Hello Kitty cake for Jolina. She and her mom are avid fans of Kitty (so am I). So I didn't even had second thoughts on this cake.  I just have to do it!

Cake was strawberry cake with vanilla buttercream icing.

Another cake design that I have always wanted to do.  A bathtub cake for Nett.  They were teasing that I should have let some boobies pop out of the tub... if only I knew she was game about it. :)

Cake was marble cake with vanilla buttercream icing. 

This cake was a challenge for me.  Of the five cakes, this one was the biggest.  Chocolate cake for the body and legs of Lego man, then rice crispies for his head and arms.  I had trouble sticking his arms, as you can see it's not even.  But I am pleased when I saw Joey's reaction and knew that he was happy with it. 

Last but not the least.... the boobies cake for Oliver.   Mocha cake with swiss meringue buttercream.  Surprisingly not too hard to do but gives you a hell of a laugh!  So I am waiting for the opportunity to make this cake again.

Tattoo I also hand painted with his name on it.

Out of the five I have to admit that I had fun doing the boobies cake. :D  

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