Monday, April 4, 2011

New here..

I have been doing some personal blogs for some time now but for the most part it was meant to be shared to family and friends only. I now feel like I could try to take a stab at an "open" blog and let the whole world (at least that's what I think) see it.

I guess in all things new or started, it is customary to introduce one self and give people some information about me.  So here goes a short "about me" post..

I am a mother of two precious sons.  And a wife for 12 years now. Yeah, for me it's been a long time! ;)  I was born and raised in the Philippines and now living in the United States.  What brought me in the US was work.  Was given an opportunity to seek as what other may call greener pasteur outside my homeland.  And it is truly a blessing as me and my husband learned to stand and raise our family on our own.

Me and my husband are both computer programmers working at one of the top transportation companies in America.  We love our work but of course there will be moments that we hate it. :)  Aside from sitting on a nice little desk 8 hours a day and tending to the family, I also keep myself busy with a newfound hobby about a year ago.  CAKE DECORATING! So this blog would probably be bombarded with cake posts. :D

I think I have said enough about myself..... so, here's to a new blogging journey for me.

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