Friday, April 8, 2011

Cake..... Pops and Balls!

Here's another way of making your favorite cake and forming it to a yummy treat.  Cake pops or cake balls!  I usually do this if I made a cake that had some trimmings left or if I needed some give aways for my kids' teachers for some kind of occasion. 

Let me tell you now these little treats are quite a big task to do.  If you are looking for a quick treat this is not what you would want to do.  Starting with baking your cake, crumbling it, making your frosting, putting the crumbled cake and frosting together, to chilling it and forming to a ball.... it doesn't end there.  You will need to then chill it again, melt some chocolate, dip the cake balls in the chocolate for the final covering.  Now depending on what design you would like to do, you need to figure if you need to put it while the chocolate coating is still wet, partially dry or completely dry.  Then for the final touch, how do you arrange those cute little treats for presentation?!?  Whew, now tell me that's quick to do. :)

But if you want to make an impression.... I surely do recommend you make these!  It never fail to give me compliments from everybody who received it. :D

Trimmings from one of the cakes I did. My kids finished these all!

These I gave to my kids' teachers and also to some of my friends last holiday season.

Cake pops as present to my friend at work for her last birthday.

More cake pops and cake balls for my kids school for last Valentine's Day.

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