Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cake Decorating.... passion discovered.

Last year, 2010, I discovered a new hobby that I really enjoyed and looking forward every time. I started baking when I had my second child and with my craving of that mocha cake that I have known growing up. Getting that Goldilocks cake is one of the downside of moving to the US, haha! I just love their mocha cake. So with this craving I started to search in the internet for a recipe that would somehow compare. Luckily I found one and started making it for birthdays (as you can see in my other post of my son's birthday cakes). Learning to bake that mocha cake was then enough for me. I was pretty much contented with just plain buttercream icing decorations... but as you may notice I pretty much suck at it. :) Anyhow, as I would always let my time pass by browsing the net and admiring all the beautiful cakes I saw... I wondered if I can also make such cake. So that sparked yet another interest of mine.... make fondant cakes!

 I started in July 2010 by making a simple round happy birthday cake with polka dots decoration. As I made it I was thinking "man this is not easy". But I managed to finish it and was quite pleased. I used a store bought fondant at that time and honestly didn't like it. I have to find an alternative.... so marshmallow fondant came! It was not only yummy but it was very cheap compared to buying a ready made fondant.

In the end.. finding the right recipe and buying the right tools (a lot of them) I have found my passion!

P.S.  The first picture above is the collage of fondant cakes I made in 2010.

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  1. Hi Tita! Have you ever posted your mocha cake recipe?! We live in Michigan and the closes Goldilocks is Cali LOL! I think it would be a great opportunity for a blog don't you? :D