Friday, August 5, 2011

Tweet tweet.... Tweerty!

Okay, a friend celebrated her 30th birthday this August. One of her wishes for her birthday was for a tweety bird cake.  So her wish I granted. :)
Before I started working on the gumpaste figure, I have a clear picture in my head on how I will make it. But of course, not everything we think is pretty simple will always be that easy to make. In short, I had to redo Tweety Bird's head several times. I couldn't quite get the shape of the head and also the beak. But with a lot more of patience and a little critic from my hubby I was able to pull it together to my satisfaction. Yahoo!

The cake was strawberry flavored filled with cream cheese/mascarpone frosting then crumbcoated with vanilla buttercream. As always, covered and decorated with marshmallow fondant.


  1. mahirap talaga kay tweety is head even nung dati pa madalas ko sya i DRAW sa ulo ako nagkakaproblema ahahhahah!! I love it so much AVI!!! Thank you very very much!! you made my 30th birthday extra special :D

  2. Wow mommy Jes inggit ako sa cake mo, ang ganda ganda and Im sure ang sarap nito..Belated happy birthday again..