Saturday, August 13, 2011

Babycakes Cake Pops Maker

We were at Kohl's last night trying to find a good blender because the one that I had before broke already. I needed it because I was going to make some berry cupcakes and needed to puree the fresh berries.  Anyway, as I was going around the store I found this babycakes cake pop maker. As a somewhat addicted baker and an enthusiast of technology, I didn't hesitate to get it to try. Just the right time too because I am going to make cupcakes so I can spare some of the batter to try on this.  I am not much of a person who would write a review about something. But I thought I needed to write this one just to give my insight and my experience on using this.  So here it goes.... as I opened the box, the very first thing I saw was a piece of paper saying "READ INSTRUCTION BEFORE USING".  Fair enough, you should on any new thing you buy... you need to figure out first how to operate it using the instructions provided.  I unpacked everything and emptied out the box but didn't find THE instruction. So first sign that this is not going to be good for me. 

Anyhow, I proceeded using my common sense (HA!) and thought it very much look like a sandwich maker. So it probably works the same way. So I went and plugged it in and waited for the light that said "READY" to lit up. Once lit up, I poured my batter and shut the lid and waited. Okay.... but for how long?  If I only had THE instruction it would probably tell me how long. Again, using my common sense.. it only hold about a tablespoon or 2 of batter per cavity, so maybe 5 minutes is enough. 

5 minutes went by, I opened and tried to remove one cake out but it's stuck.... hmm, I thought it was nonstick?? Maybe I should have sprayed it with some oil before I poured the batter? If only I had THE instruction it would probably tell me that I needed to do that. So off I went and got some baker's joy and sprayed the cavities before I pour the batter and tried it for the second time.

So here's the photos of my second trial. Cake pops came out easily this time but it didn't turn out as round as I was expecting it to be.

Second time's a charm? Cake turned out good, it came out just like how I bake it in the oven. But for a cake pop, it needs to be denser to hold on the stick. In other words, it was not easy putting the cake on the stick and not worrying about it not going all the way down. Also with this method, the need for icing was eliminated.  When you do cake pops by hand, the way I am used to making it, I use icing to glue the cake back together to turn it into a ball and aside for this purpose it gives the added moisture and yumminess to the cake pop. So if you don't mind losing the added taste the icing gives this should just work fine for you.

I guess I will have to say so long to this babycakes cake pop maker and it was nice trying you out. But I will need to bring you back to Kohl's though.  Because I would prefer to make cake pops the old fashioned way... by hand!

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  1. HI! I too bought one of those but from Macy's and was branded as "Bella" but I'm pretty sure they are the same. I used a brownie mix instead of regular cake so that the consistency is denser and is able to stay on the stick. It worked very well :) Now I just need to alter the brownie mix a bit so it is not too sweet :) Hope you give it another. It makes making cake pop less labor intensive.