Sunday, July 29, 2012

Thomas the Train

A special cake I did for my godson who just celebrated his 2nd birthday. His mom requested that I  make a thomas the train cake as my godson is very much fond of this character now.

This was a huge cake with 4 batches of mocha cake, 2 batches of swiss meringue buttercream, and 2 batches of fondant.

I made Thomas' face with fondant ahead of time to dry it out a little.

Here's how I assembled the cake...

I took the Thomas' body into two parts to assemble.  The upper part where his face attaches and the bottom part where the wheels are.

For the upper part, I cut the base to the size I wanted.

And 3 more cakes cut for the back side, about half of the base.

Then another cake cut about 1 inch smaller than the 3 cakes that I used for the back part.

Then I used a biscuit cutter to size up the cake where I am going to attach Thomas' face. This is the same size I used for Thomas face.

Cut 4 or 5 circle cakes using the biscuit cutter.

I lined everything up to measure and make sure that I have enough cake and got the correct size.

With some cake scrap, I added some to the side of the round cakes.

A small cake scrap added at the front.

After I have cut all the pieces, I assembled the top part with buttercream.

Here's another view. After putting enough buttercream, placed in the refrigerator to prep for fondant.

The bottom part, I used two cakes. I cut the bottom part where the wheels will be about 2 inches less wider.  I also baked one batch of cake with about half the size so that it will be thinner. Or you can cut the cake that's 2 inches tall to half so it will be an inch high.

Then assembled and frosted.  I forgot to take pictures of one part where I put some scrap cake in front so the bottom will be longer than the top cake.  After frosting, placed in refrigerator to prep for fondant.

Once the frosting is hard enough, I covered the bottom part with red fondant.  Following a Thomas train toy for guide on how I should decorate it.

Then blue fondant where the wheels will be.  I also placed this bottom part on top of an inch of styrofoam to give it enough height for the wheels.  You can use another cake also, just didn't have enough cake baked for it so I made use of the styrofoam.

Covered the top part with all blue fondant.

Placed the bottom part on the cake board I prepared.  Then placed enough support inside the  bottom cake (I used fat straws).  Then placed the top part on above it.

Attached the face I made in front with some water mixed with gum tex.

For the wheels, I cut 6 circles of the blue fondant.

Then rolled a long string of the blue fondant.

Cut the rolled string and attached it to the circle fondant for the spokes of the wheel and the rim.

Cut another 6 smaller circles for the middle of the wheels.

And 6 semi circles.

Here's how the wheel looked like.

Attached 3 wheels on each side of the train.

Then add all the small details on the train to make it look like Thomas.  Here's the finished product.

Hope that this will help you somehow when it's time for you to make your own Thomas the Train cake. :)

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  1. You did an awesome job with this cake. I bet the birthday boy was some pleased.