Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cars Lightning McQueen

Finally got the chance to make a Lightning McQueen cake. Definitely a tough challenge but I'm quite happy how it turned out.  At first I didn't quite know how and where to start carving the cake. After a lot of glances at the toy of my son I did finally got in the groove of carving it. :)

Cake's a white vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream.

Matching cupcakes were chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream. Cake topper was simple design but a tedious work. Happy how these turned out too.

Another want to do cake checked off my list! :)


  1. woot woot!! it's another marvelous cake you made avi!! And so YUMMY too!
    We are very grateful to have a friend like yah!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!

  2. wow very cute and sweet! nice :)

  3. wow! is that really cake? if so, I don't want to eat it! I'm sure it will stay in fridge for a while.. :) so nice!

  4. Wow, thought it was been ordered:) That's pretty cool!

    Visiting for YS! Hope you can stop by:)

  5. wow!! what a cake! i wouldn't want to slice it! love the grin on the cupcake toppers... so Lightning McQueen.. hehehe..visiting from YS!

  6. finally meet the maker of the best cake ever :-) yum and delish cakes you have here Sis :-) Visiting Yummy Sunday Momi Jes, hope that you can return the visit too.