Sunday, November 13, 2011

Barbie Doll Cake

Finally, I was able to make a doll cake with matching cupcakes.  Another one to check off my "want to do" list of cakes.  Took me a lot of hours to make these but it's so worth it in the end. I love how this cake/cupcakes turned out though I had some mistakes and frustrations while making it. :)

First time to use this kind of baking cups. It's pretty cute but quite expensive.  Not minding the price I went ahead with it since I thought it will look nice and complete the design when put on the stand together with the cake.  And it did!

I made a mistake of putting Barbie in the cake first before covering the skirt with fondant. I was too afraid that if I pull Barbie out that the cake will collapse.  Second mistake was due to me getting impatient... I brushed the dust on the fondant where some of the spots are still wet.  So the dust color didn't blend well and left some dark uneven streaks on some part.  Notice the white flowers by the waist? That's my attempt to cover that mistake. Ugh! But overall I am still happy and pleased how this cake turned out.

Made some butterfly and flower accents for the cupcakes.  I dusted all butterflies and flowers using Wilton's dust color in pink and periwinkle. Also used some blue pearl dust.

Cake was chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream icing. Will definitely do this kind of cake again if and when I get that chance.

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