Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bachelor's Cake (PG)

  It's my second time making this kind of cake but a first to make it a full female torso.  I have confirmed again how much I enjoyed making this kind of cake design.  I made it real simple this time because I didn't have much time getting more decors done as I only knew about making this cake a few days before the event.
I dusted the nipples with the combination of pink, peach and brown color dust.
Anyway, I made this for a friend's bachelor's dinner party. It's not really a bachelor's event as the whole gang, wives and children, were there. We got together to wish our friend goodluck and congratulations on his new journey ahead.
I made the necklace using melted white chocolate then dusted with gold highlighter dust.

Cake was mocha cake with mocha swiss meringue buttercream. Covered and decorated in marshmallow fondant.  
A side story about this cake... I finished it around 1 am the night before the event and around 6 am the next morning my husband woke me up and said "The mocha drink spilled on the cake". What a way to wake somebody up! So without another second to waste I rushed down and opened the fridge and saw the cake to my horror.... "WTH!!" I was so mad I couldn't even say a single word.  Good thing the dinner was not until the evening so I was able to just wipe off the liquid, let it dry and rubbed it to smooth it out again. Whew!

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